Pratik Gandhi on the Constants Through Change on WhatsApp Presents Just Between Us

by | December 22, 2021, 14:35 IST

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The world loves to call him an "overnight success". But few know that Pratik Gandhi struggled for fifteen years before he became a household name with Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story. The actor started out by doing Gujarati theatre. He first got an opportunity to work in the Gujarati play Aa Paar Ke Pele Par. The play was successful and he landed another Gujarati  play. Theatre soon paved the way for Gujarati cinema. One of his Gujarati films Wrong Side Raju won the National Award for the Best Gujarati film. Despite a successful career in Gujarati theatre and movies, fame eluded him. His struggle continued...

Then Scam 1992: The Harsah Mehta Story happened. And life changed foreever for Pratik Gandhi. He became a household name. He was celebrated. Hs dream of making it had finally been realised.  But the actor cannot forget those days when he was down and hope seemed so distant. 

Speaking to Jitesh Pillaai, the editor of Filmfare in the Whatsapp Presents Just Between Us By Filmfare, a chat show where stars pour out their souls, Pratik Gandhi reminisces about his struggling days. How he contiued working, hoping success would kiss his feet some day.  He speaks about his struggles like a braveheart. And reveals the most intimate moments of his life that almost broke him. But he had people who rallied around him  and that kept him going.  His struggle is worth its weight in gold today.

 Scam1992 was a huge vindication for him.   In the interview. Pratik talks about how TV serials were booming when he first landed in Mumbai.  So he thought TV was the place to be in. But he didn't know how to go about getting a role in the serials. He found his way around Bollywoood through  trial and error. He mentions that when he landed the Scam 1992, he had a conversation with his mother and brother on the Whatappp group. He also had a private converation with his dad on Whatsapp. Little did he realise that life was going to change soon. 

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