Did you know about Chhota Chetan, the first Indian film that changed the face of 3D Films in Cinema

by | June 15, 2022, 15:03 IST

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Did you know about Chhota Chetan, the first Indian film that changed the face of 3D Films in Cinema

With technology constantly evolving, it comes as no surprise the revolutionary changes that have been made in Indian cinema. Today, the buzz that surrounds the release of a 3D film in Hindi has quietened down because of the frequency with which it releases. However, there was a time back in the days of yore when some noteworthy films made quite the splash as the concept of 3D films with extraordinary visual effects at that time, was introduced to the audience.

With Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra touted to be a revolutionary 3D visual spectacle to watch out for, the conversations regarding 3D cinema have reached an all-time high. The trailer of the film was launched today. The trailer has laid out the path for the epitome of exceptional filmmaking with the stunning VFX visuals bringing the story of "Astron Ke Devta" - Brahmastra live on screen.

Saamri 3D poster.

But, did you know the first film that introduced the concept of 3D in Bollywood?

It was none other than the Urmila Matondkar starrer- Chhota Chetan. To those unaware, My Dear Kuttichathan was a Tamil fantasy film - which was the first Indian 3D film to have ever been made. It was later dubbed in Hindi, titled as Chhota Chetan and released back in 1984 - the film had received a humongous amount at the box office. The producer of the film - Navodaya Appachan had commented how even though the storyline was the same, a few new scenes, characters, and a good 25 minutes were added in the Hindi remake. Back in that time, it was a novelty of sorts to witness such stunning visuals on the celluloid and to add to that, a stereovision 3D format was used for the film. It was a fantasy film and the 3D effects were very craftily embedded. 3D films also came with 3D glasses which was a major source of attraction for viewers back then. However, sources say that it took a long time for Hindi cinema to come up with another 3d film of a stature that matches that of Chhota Chetan.

Fast forward to 2003, the same makers of Chhota Chetan made Chhota Jadugar, however, it failed to gain the recognition that the first 3D Indian film had received.

Shiva ka Insaaf 3D film poster.

Shiva Ka Insaaf was another noteworthy 3D film in the Hindi language that featured Poonam Dhillon, Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, and Gulshan Grover. Another superhero film in 3D that was still new and exciting enough as a concept for the viewers. The film had made use of an Arrivision 3D format.

Saamri helmed by Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay in 1985 was not only a 3D film but also a horror 3D film. Thus the effects made the experience all the more real for cinemagoers.

Over the years - films like ABCD 2, Street Dancer 3D, RA One, Krissh 3, and Don 2 are some of the visually impressive 3D films made. The latest buzz has been made by Brahmastra for it continues to up the level of 3D films in the Hindi Cinema spectrum. And as far as the trailer goes, the film has managed to catch everyone's attention with the larger-than-life visual spectacle being showcased so far.

3D film Shiva ka Insaaf.

3D film Shiva ka Insaaf Hindi 3D poster.

Chhota Chetan poster.

Chhota Chetan poster English.

3D film Saamri.